The Red Curve

Nested in the heart of Ahmedabad city, the red curve is a masterpiece carved from wood. It is a rustic-themed dwelling aiming to bring in the beauty of nature into the house. The beautiful use of organic resources that connect the building to the environment around it is reflected through the different spaces and elements making the structure. Upon arrival at the entrance gate, one is met with a grand open space that welcomes you into the house. The house is not yet visible. It unveils itself gradually, through a long wooden passage that is surrounded by lush green gardens. The verticality of the trees has been brilliantly reflected in the vertical wooden columns in the pathway. A human sized installation with three men sitting on a wooden bench and casually chatting adds an  artistic edge to the house. A semi-private enclosure burrows a wooden deck and a swimming pool, which is overlooked by a balcony with glass railings.

 Another unique characteristic of the structure is the use of richly articulated materials throughout the design. The interiors of the Villa are in accented wood, concrete, and glass. The use of wood has been consistent throughout the house. Adopting a neutral colour palette allows the space to feel more earthy and connected to it’s surrounding nature. The living room is a rectilinear space with vertical wooden panels on the wall creating some depth. They are placed strategically to give the space a sense of consistency, subsequently mimicking the verticality of the trees seen in the background of the house through the windows. The heart of the house lies in the wooden staircase which has been beautifully carved into a curve. The glazed wall behind it illuminates the staircase with sunlight and enhances it’s curves.

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