The Spring Fields

A sense of serenity washes over us as we tiptoe through this luxurious villa located in the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The mighty villa is decorated in calming laconic palettes and delicate detail. Courtyards where reflection pools are surrounded by majestic greens, and colourful fish swim while you sip your morning tea. The  courtyard that comes right after the entrance is a water-filled space that can be passed via modern, linear stepping marble. A pebble bed makes a solid boundary for this small yet elegant setting, where one can be drenched in sunshine and where colourful fish swim while you sip your morning tea.

The interior spaces reminisce about the pleasing scenery of lush forests. Light-filled living rooms and expansive dining rooms provide uplifting places in which large groups of friends and extended family can gather and socialise into the evening. Coffee table books and candlesticks adorn a quiet setting just around the garden. Almost every room in the house features an entire wall of glass that looks out into peaceful lush gardens. The striking use of wood in the interior warms up the spaces and adds onto the comfort of a home. It is also a subtle way of bringing in the elements of nature within the spaces. The glazed facades bring in immense amounts of light and chases away the shadows.

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