The Urbane House

The Urbane House is situated in Ahmedabad, a vibrant city in the state of Gujarat. The new private villa has been carefully designed to take in the surrounding nature, prioritising the spectacular garden view. The site is accessed from the north, where a grand entrance porch welcomes you into the double height foyer. This foyer then takes you to the heart of the villa, the family living and formal drawing room. The design language of the house can be described as “form follows function”, it is justified by the sharp clean lines that run throughout the architecture of the house. The central family room is circumscribed by all the private bedrooms and other multipurpose rooms. The first floor has the master and the parents bedroom which are both connected to a terrace garden and a verandah. Reflecting the high levels of craftsmanship in the design, each element has been designed to respond to the specific requirements of the client.

The house is embedded within a beautiful garden that offers a multisensory experience with fragrant plants such as roses alongside rich palm trees.  The verandah visually connects the family living to the drawing room and serves as a transept between the private space of the family living and the surrounding lawns. The clear glass facades overlooking the east, bring in immense amounts of sunlight and also brings in the beauty of the surrounding gardens. The blending of nature into the house gives it a warm and homely zest. 

The house also relies on the beautiful artwork and vibrant paintings to add another layer to its beauty. These colourful paintings help to balance out the mammoth concrete walls around the house.The landscape, architecture and interior blends in seemlessly as it expresses the core design language and values of the firm.

“A powerful presence of the house complemented with a enigmatic disposition”

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